How to get started with a Recruitment Consultancy?


A great employee leaving, the addition of a new department, extra hands needed for a new project and expanding a business are some of the reasons where the services of a recruitment consultancy become necessary.

Lost a Valuable Staff Member?

The purpose of a recruitment consultant is to offer staffing solutions to businesses. A valuable staff member isn’t replaceable but it is necessary not to allow the business to suffer. Hiring the services of a recruitment consultancy is recommended.

Here are a few important pointers.

  • Industry Experience

A research by Inavero says that industry experience, ability to match technical skills and the cultural environment are important facets of a recruitment consultancy provider.

The person or the agency should possess intrinsic knowledge of industry-related events and happenings, and have experience providing staffing solutions in multiple positions in the past. In short, it is best to avoid a general recruitment consultant.

  • Staff Selection Procedure

Once a couple of recruitment consultancy providers are short-listed, check their mode of staff selection. Since each position has different roles and responsibilities, the staff selection procedure differs too.

Inquire with the person or agency and assess their recruitment procedures. Find out how they scout talents, what sort of networking is used, how they try to fulfill client requirements and more.

Remember that a poor staff selection procedure leads to poor hiring and ultimately, loss to the business.

  • Seek References

An established and credible recruitment consultancy will not dither from showing testimonials or references of past clients. References are a measure of client satisfaction.

Seek references and contact them for a personal point of view. A point to note here is to avoid ‘standard’ references. This means it is easy to find two or three people who love their services and often, the recruitment agency will forward the same to everyone. Avoid this. Ask for very recent, very old or industry-relevant client references.

Based on the assessment of their staff selection procedure and verified references, make a choice and finalize a recruitment consultant.

  • Satisfaction of Temporary and Permanent Placements

The decision to hire the services of a recruitment consultancy implies the placement of trust in a third-party service provider to fulfill certain needs. Hence, it is important to judge the quality of placements, that is, the retention period of temporary and permanent employees.

Since the staffing agency fulfills the recruitment criteria, it is their job to ensure maximum retention. Therefore, check their satisfaction score and data in the past year. If more employees left their organization, look for another recruitment consultant. Satisfaction scores, reviews and testimonials are a good indicator of employee retention score.

  • Recruitment Costing

The recruitment consultancy services will differ between agencies. Choosing a consultant based on service fees can turn into a poor decision. If the recruited candidate proves to be a misfit, only the business stands to lose.

Therefore, while costing plays its role in decision, focus on value-based decisions. Do not fall for extravagant marketing pitches or sales pitches. Even if a recruitment consultancy is charging higher than others, there is most likely an explanation for that. Do not hesitate to ask.


Hiring the services of a recruitment consultancy provider is one of the major business decisions. Any business invests in talent so do not make the decision lightly.

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