Why Seek Job Through Us?

Diligent International is the best provider of job consultancy in Ahmedabad. We work with clients across multiple industries like Healthcare, Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Accounting and Finance and Logistics, offering the best talent to our clients. Join us to receive plum employment opportunities!

In the last decade, Diligent International has gathered the top position in the HR sector. Job seekers ally themselves with us due to the sheer exposure received by them.

We work with some of the best multinationals in the world and have partnered with the top companies within India. Therefore, we are intimidated of job openings before it goes public and we channel our top talents to our clients.

The recruitment consultancy caters to both temporary and permanent positions.

Placement Process

Diligent International is the best job placement consultants in Ahmedabad. We follow the process outlined below during recruitments.

1. Data Verification
The job seeker credentials (educational qualification and experience) are verified. If the verification goes smoothly, the candidate is added to our database.

2. Matching your Profile to Client Requirement
Once vacancy fulfillment information comes in, it is matched with multiple profiles. If matched, candidates are shortlisted and called for the first round of interview at our centers.

3. Liaison with Clients
Candidates who clear the first round of interview and finalized and their profiles are sent to the clients’ office for the final interview rounds. Diligent International works with the client to schedule and conduct the interviews.

4. Final Offer
Those who clear the final interview stage and made an offer. After a candidate is successfully hired, we take care to maintain constant touch with both the parties to understand the satisfaction level.