Over time, Diligent has adopted the best tactics in international and local recruitment. We helped make a huge difference in the field of manpower consultancy in Bangalore. Our results pushed companies closer to their objectives and made the employees happier.

Do you need more staff and you need them quickly? Are you searching for people with a particular skill to complete an urgent project? You need nothing less but the best consultancy in Bangalore – which is what we provide. Our first goal is to discuss your business and vision, so we can figure out the kind of professionals that would help you best, along with the most suitable recruitment solutions. It is every employer’s dream to benefit from the easiest and most effective manpower acquisition strategy, without having their activity hindered in any way.

Diligent International – Your Very Own Manpower Consultancy in Bangalore

Diligent International serves all types of companies, from the smallest to the largest. It has catered to numerous multi-nationals, as well as to local start-ups. We have specialized staff and methods no matter the business type and we work across several industries, as you can read below.

Our priorities have turned us into one of the best agencies on the market. Diligent International offers placement consultancy in Bangalore. Our service is not a simple forwarding of resumes, but is comprised of tactics that identify and select talented professionals suitable to the given job and its level. With quality manpower consultancy in Bangalore, businesses can focus on what matters and can sample a greater success in near future. We supply qualified staff, from Junior to Senior level and also provide staff augmentation services and consultancy for corporations.

What Makes Us the Best Placement Consultancy in Bangalore?

Our firm is rated better than the average placement agencies in Bangalore because it has a higher goal. It manages to create happy employers and employees alike. The company gets the right, motivated employee, while this one gets a job they can flourish at. We are serving the Human Resource industry in its own way that’s quickly taking it to the top of the charts.

The recruitment procedure is strict, yet it is customized in such a way to suit the industry we are dealing with.

What industries our Recruitment Consultancy serves

As a highly successful recruitment consultancy in Bangalore, we get to serve a handful of industries, like Healthcare and IT. Clients get their managers, chief executives, officers, head of departments and more such important roles filled out. We take full care when we select these professionals, as we understand their importance in driving a company to success.

We will respond to your requirement quickly. Whether you are looking to hire or be hired, you will benefit by contacting our team. Even more, we can establish a long term relationship, as we have done with so many of our major clients so far. We like to be here for you for the entire journey, not simply for one step in it. Enjoy an added sense of security and motivation.

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