Besides New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune, we also serve Mumbai and help companies and professionals alike reach their goals, maximize satisfaction and minimize loss. Our services go beyond anything offered by placement agencies in Mumbai – a great city with equally great needs. As we have been expanding to new locations, understanding their specific needs of staffing, we became the best in recruiting. Because we are well versed, we can be extremely vigilant when choosing the candidates to fill the roles.

Come see the difference when you are using top recruitment agencies in Mumbai like Diligent International. You will never go back to the older methods. Our clients also benefit of top consultancy in Mumbai, as we are offering solutions especially tailored for the region.

Diligent International – Among the Finest Placement and Recruitment Agencies in Mumbai

A search for the right job or employee to fill a vacant spot isn’t as simple as it is believed to be. There are far more stages in the process than one can initially think. Thus, expert placement agencies in Mumbai become necessary, since every stage is being covered. From scouting the market to signing the final agreement, Diligent puts great care in each phase. Besides, we are specialized across many industries. These aspects prove us to be the toughest ally when you have to fuel your business through the best employees out there.

Are you dreaming of an organization where each member of the staff is perfectly qualified to do the job and is enthusiastic about it? Your staff will finally reflect the values you want and be as productive as desired when sourced through Diligent. We’ll find these for you, while you can keep your business growing at a fast rate. It’s easy, quick and affordable. Diligent has earned the trust of people in the cities it’s been serving and is now offering top class services to Mumbai, too.

Top Recruitment Consultancy Mumbai – Our Services

Our agency fulfills a whole diversity of roles, thus providing the following:

  • HR Consulting – Addressed to corporations and multinationals, through these services we identify your goal, create and implement new strategies, get capable leaders, evaluate the performance, make forecasts and more.
  • Staff Augmentation – Hiring additional staff made easy, hiring for projects, all for making the business reach its objectives in due time.
  • IT Staffing – Temporary, project based and contractual staff for each of the IT fields.
  • Leadership Hiring – Searching and selecting the most innovative and strong leaders, matching their skills with the company’s goals.
  • Contract Staffing – Hiring manpower for contracts between 3 and 24 months, based on proven skills.

Diligent offers recruitment consultancy in Mumbai to small and medium organizations along with the biggest corporations that have settled in the region, hiring local talent. Do you find it challenging to find the right employees to work in your company? Hire us to be at the desired level; your staff will have the needed experience, the skill level and the abilities required by the role. No more hit and miss. Do not hesitate to contact our placement consultancy in Mumbai, whether you are interested in short or long term employment.

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