Recruitment Agencies and How to find the Right One


The service of a top manpower recruitment agency becomes necessary when a company wishes to outsource its staffing requirements. Investment in manpower is a crucial decision and if it goes wrong, it causes immense productivity and revenue losses for the company.

Recruitment agencies play an important role. They specialize in scouting and offering talented manpower to a company and charge a commission for the services rendered. However, no two manpower recruitment agency is the same. Factors like reputation, retention rate, quality of services, industry experience and service fee matters.

Here is a guide on how to find the right recruitment agency to fulfill a company’s staffing needs.

  • Understand Staffing Needs

It is necessary to understand the company staffing needs before venturing into finding a manpower recruitment agency.  Understand and analyze whether the company seeks long-term or short-term staffing solutions.
Find out whether the need is of entry-level employees or specialized executives. Understand the role and responsibilities of employees. Draw a draft and write down all the necessary requirements like educational qualifications for different positions, necessary skills and experience, salary package and more.

  • Nature of Manpower Recruitment Agencies

All manpower recruitment agencies do not serve the same purpose. It will not be a good decision to hire a generic recruitment agency that caters to all needs. Granted, there may be some who do but before hiring them, look into its credentials and reputation.

It is, however, recommended to hire specialized services. A manpower recruitment agency could specialize in offering a temporary workforce while another agency could specialize in finding high-value corporate executives. Do not generalize and certainly, do not focus on recruitment agency fee structure solely while making decisions.

  • Check for References

This is an important step that should not be skipped. One can do a Google search to find and shortlist a couple of recruitment agencies. It is better to go for a local agency since it will suit the company budget and will be easier to ascertain its reputation.

Once shortlisted, visit the offices personally and talk to the manager. Do not forget to ask for references. Check their clientele list and call up some of them to enquire about the recruitment agency. Question about its communication measures, nature of services, professionalism, retention rate and reliability.

Avoid a manpower recruitment agency if it overtly focuses on agency profits, inclines towards rushed and incoherent communication or shows little or no experience towards hiring in the concerned business segment.

  • Consultancy Fee

The last but not the least factor is the consultancy fee. Going after affordable rates is good but there is a fine line of difference ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’. Do not settle for mediocre services just because it costs less. There is high probability that ‘cheap’ rates actually mean ‘cheap’ quality of service. Therefore, even if an agency is charging more than its competitors, there must be a reason. Ask them.


Allying a business with a manpower recruitment agency will take time. However, a value-based decision will help the company in the long run since a business survives on manpower and this is one area which shouldn’t go wrong ever!

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