Diligent Singapore

Diligent International is a most efficient matchmaker between employers and professionals. As a highly specialized firm, it has recently become one of the best recruitment agencies in Singapore.

Diligent International has been expanding, becoming a headhunter that Singapore welcomes and respects.

Diligent International – A Special Firm for Recruitment in Singapore

The Diligent International career experts are set to make a difference in Singapore and instill change through the standards they bring.

We get our clients on the fast track to employment by shortening the recruitment and application processes. Moreover, we offer adequate HR support to companies requesting our services. Among the job agencies in Singapore, we are a fully committed one.

The new gates that we open simplify the recruitment process and the final matching is done in a most efficient manner, with a wise use of available resources. Our goal is to be the best recruitment agency in Singapore, the first choice of candidates and employers when they want a quality investment but also an economical approach.

What Makes Our Employment Agency Unique

Through Diligent International it is possible to recruit both temporary and permanent staff as well as contract-based staff, regardless of the industry. If you are looking for IT professionals, know that we have a specialized team dedicated to that. Diligent is not solely interested in the job/business details. It is passionate about people and that makes a huge difference. This is what leads us to excellence and propels us higher and higher.

Diligent is the employment agency in Singapore that truly empowers its clients, whether they are seeking or offering jobs.

We don’t just provide staff to fill in vacant position; we create a match that can function long term, optimally, by identifying just the right professionals to fill a certain spot in a company. Even when a temporary role is concerned, we strive to offer top quality and make a perfect match, which will deliver the expected boost during the short collaborations.

Our responsible staff always analyzes the talent bank carefully and in its entirety. Then, they select not only the most valuable, but also the most suitable employees. The service is ideal at eliminating the time wasting procedures for staff selection, which are usually laborious, tedious, often frustrating and consume resources like time and money, sometimes past what was expected as expense.

The Services We Offer as a Manpower Agency in Singapore

The Diligent International Singapore branch takes on the same mission here as everywhere else. Its main services are as follows:

  • Staff Augmentation Services
  • HR Consulting
  • Leadership Hiring
  • IT Staffing
  • Contract Staffing

Thus, we are of help to any company. The result is seen in the smooth operations, the time gained by our client companies and the efficiency of their work after having used our services.

Are you a candidate? Diligent will find matching roles for you, the ones which use and value your acquired skills. We understand every candidate’s need to find a suitable role in which they feel valued and capable. We are able to focus on the individual as well as we focus on an entire company.

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