Diligent South Africa

Recruitment agencies in South Africa are necessary as the employment situation is highly challenging. Diligent International aims to change that and make it all easier for all parts involved.

Our company offers customized staffing solutions tailored for South Africa. These are constantly focused on the goals of the businesses that needs us. Also, we managed to make a difference for the previously discouraged work seekers.

The people you employ can make or break your company. Its success is up to them. Do you have all it takes and can you go through thousands of CVs to find the right candidates? Businesses can rarely afford this – hence why you must hire recruitment experts to do this hectic work on your behalf and screen every applicant thoroughly.

Your Favorite Recruitment Agency in South Africa

Why should one hire Diligent for staffing solutions? What is so special about Diligent? It’s not hard to find the answer. It is in the way we helped businesses of all sizes and corporations, as well as job seekers, in the midst of the South African employment crisis. As a staffing agency we take pride in the staff retention percentage, which proves we find great matches.

Our company is helping fight the high unemployment rates in the country, making the most of an economy creating more jobs but also dealing with the soaring number of candidates

A top placement consultant of the last 10 years, Diligent is now one of the best trusted recruitment agencies in South Africa, offering complete staffing services. We do more than filling a vacancy. We research and identify the most suitable candidates. We don’t just select them by the qualifications they have, but also by their experience in the relevant industry and their attitude, a key factor to indicate their value.

Applicants can submit a resume and search for jobs, while recruiters can request our professional client services for companies. What makes us truly efficient is that we are aware of the major changes that occurred within a short period of time in South Africa and learned from everything that happened in the past years.

Being a Top Employment Agency Means We’ve Got Skills

We provide staffing solutions for the IT, the engineering and healthcare industries and more. Our specific approach and strategy are suitable to each niche. Being one of the most used job agencies in South Africa, we can boast with activity in the whole employment spectrum. The Diligent specialists supply staff for contract work, for temporary positions as well as for permanent ones. Not all employment agencies in South Africa have expertize in all these areas.

Through us, candidates can find job openings that motivate them and put their skills to good use.

Areas We Provide Job Consultancy Services to

The various departments made it possible to focus on all the work fields that matter.

  • Engineering
  • Oil, Gas and Mining industries
  • IT
  • Education
  • Medical etc

If you are looking for SA recruitment agencies that handle all the major fields, Diligent should be a priority. Also, our Leadership Hiring service will get you the most capable leaders to move your business forward.

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