A company is only as good as the talent it employs. While tangible assets might seem to bring an organization to life, it is the workforce that truly keeps it running. They oil the gears and ensure that visions, missions and objectives are achieved. To that effect, the value of the human resource cannot be underplayed. Their role in industry growth is catalytic; a fact that we at Diligent International understand all too well.

Diligent International as a Placement Agency

We are a placement agency in India. But that is to put it simply. Ours is an enzymatic role, where we find the best human resource for the different industries and organization. We bridge the gap between human talent and work opportunity. It’s an endearing role that we take very seriously. Our vigilance is constant, ensuring we are well versed with the needs of our markets. With our recruitment services covering healthcare, IT, finance, engineering, logistics and supply chain management, we possess the capacity to meet and satisfy your consultation and staffing needs, however diverse.

Locations served as a Recruitment Consultancy

We are based in Ahmedabad where we have grown to become a leading recruitment consultancy. Inspired by this success we have been keen to increase our company’s coverage to include different locations all over India. So far, our presence covers Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi and Hyderabad. It takes work to understand the different staffing needs of different locations. Even more so, understanding the special needs of each particular organization or industry requires great effort. But we have made great strides in expanding the offerings of our company to said locations. Our growth continues to be steady, and will soon include more locations in India and across the oceanic divides.

Our doors are open to any and all clients who would like to know more about us or sample our services. While our track record may testify to our illustrious ability to know exactly what kind of manpower our clients need, we believe in offering custom solutions. Our methods of recruiting are thorough, with technical expertise taking the fore in our interviews. We then endeavor to match the most competent personalities with just the right characteristics to complement your company or industry.

Go on, Try Us

Whether you are a small or medium sized business, or an international corporation with a global presence, we have what it takes to meet your staffing needs. We know people, and we know that they are the greatest asset an enterprise can have. So give us a call today and let us help you grow. Whether you are in the great city of Mumbai, the country’s capital New Delhi, India’s IT capital Bangalore, or Pune and Hyderabad contact us today. We are bold enough to assert that we will be the only recruitment consultancy you will ever need in both the long and short term because we are that good. Reach out to us on +919998827070. Alternatively, find us online at diligentinternational.co.in and on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to find out more about us and our services.