A vast and challenging market requires innovative and reliable solutions. When it comes to Human Resources and employment, Diligent International is one of those placement consultants in Delhi that is ready to face all challenges in the situation.

As one of the best respected recruitment agencies in Delhi, Diligent is helping professionals and employees find the most suitable situation to thrive. If you never knew where to start, or you were never making good choices, call us for help.

Diligent International – Among Top Recruitment Consultants in Delhi

Our top consultancy services in Delhi got us where we are today: at the peak of the staffing game. Our clients know they can trust us; reputable companies have already tasted the benefits of our method. We have a thorough, clever selection process and we screen all candidates based on criteria that suit the business and the industry. This is how we get everyone to be pleased. Besides, we take pride in the staff retention percentage. Because we manage to provide great matches, hiring companies are pleased with the professionals they get from us and thus they keep them for long term. We are one of those recruitment agencies in Delhi which works for corporate houses, multinational companies and small to large businesses of all kinds because we know how to handle a diverse clientele.

Recruitment Services Provided as One of the Best Placement Agencies in Delhi NCR

For the past decade, as one of the best placement agencies in Delhi NCR, we have managed to make a difference in employment. You could say we have in-depth insights on each of the particular industries we work for. Companies can benefit from staff augmentation services or get temporary and contractual staff through us. Should your business lack in staff with leadership abilities, we will provide experienced and capable executive level professionals to move it forward. This is what we do differently: we get the staff that shines through a particular set of skills – exactly those skills which your company needs to flourish. After that, it’s us who will manage all the other hiring factors: payroll, training, benefits, etc.

Industries served by Us

First of all, Diligent offers the best consultancy in Delhi for firms that don’t yet have a strong HR department. Furthermore, we help these save time and money as we select the most suitable candidates based on the profile that is identified as appropriate for the envisioned progress.

We work as recruitment consultants in Delhi for the following industries and cater to their specific needs:

  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Our list of clients will show you the magnitude of our projects and our success. Remember though: even if you are an entry-level candidate, a small business owner who is taking baby steps or a large multi-national representative, you can find here the adequate, perfectly tailored solutions to your situation. Diligent unlocks your potential and gets you much closer to your goals.

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