Our Recruitment Process

The best recruitment consultancy in Ahmedabad, Diligent International, follows a practical and effective recruitment process to find competent employees for organisations.

Below is a brief outline of our recruitment process.

1. Understanding Client Requirement
Once we receive client requirement, the internal team studies the brief and finds out what the client is looking for and make preparations accordingly.

2. Sourcing Candidates
The requirements are matched within the internal database and/or announced to the public depending on the client’s budget. The applications received are scrutinized and a handful of candidates are shortlisted for the first round of interview.

3. First Interview Round
Diligent International conducts the first round of interview. Our panel of interviewers is CBI approved. In this stage, we assess the basic skills and experience of the candidate. Profiles are further shortlisted and forwarded to the client, along with our observations.

4. Final Interview & Job Offer
The shortlisted candidates from the first interview round appear for the final interview at the clients’ end. The candidate who clears the round is given a job offer and other details like salary package and other benefits.

After a candidate is successfully hired, we take care to maintain a constant touch with both the parties to understand the satisfaction level.

For further details please feel free to contact us at +91 99 9882 7070 or you can also write to us at bd[@]diligentinternational.co.in with your specific requirements.