Services Provided

Diligent International is an HR consultancy in Ahmedabad that offers multiple services to fulfill manpower requirement of clients across multiple verticals like Healthcare, Engineering, Information Technology (IT), Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Accounting and Finance and Logistics.

Here is a brief account of services provided by Diligent International.

Executive Search

An organisation and its smooth functioning depend on the skills of its executives. Executives, with varying degree of experience, help in bringing the organisation towards its goals.

Diligent International selects the ‘right’ executives for organisations after studying the manpower setup and requirements. Once we understand the requirement, steps are taken to fulfill the manpower requirement. Some organisations fulfill their manpower capital through Diligent International on a regular basis and therefore, we perceive better the necessities of various corporate firms, businesses and multinationals.

Leadership Search

‘A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way’ – John C. Maxwell

Leaders give direction to an organisation. The lack of a leader will make the organisation unable to achieve its goals. On the other hand, finding competent leaders is like finding a needle from a stack of hay!

However, over the last few years, the consultants at Diligent International have worked closely in liaison with organisations to fulfill their leadership needs. A careful understanding of the internal and external structure of the organisation, its daily functioning, vision and mission, future plan and working atmosphere is necessary to recruit the idea leader for the organisation.

We hire leader who knows, goes and shows the way towards the success of an organisation.

Competency-Based Interview

Technical expertise, while important, cannot be the sole criteria behind hiring a new employee. To offer organisations competent candidates, Diligent International has devised a robust and systematic Competency-Based Interview process to hire candidates with optimum skill set.

The Diligent International panel of interviewers is highly qualified. We ask interviewees a series of behavioral-based interview questions to judge whether the interviewee is a best ‘fit’ for the organisation or not. The idea is to understand the interviewee, his/her working style and skill sets.

This interview process is flawless, providing the organisation with a competent workforce.

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