Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation services are outsourced initiatives wherein a company chooses to ‘augment’ or ‘improve’ their current workforce by hiring additional staff, which is usually done project-by-project basis, fulfilling a lack of certain skill sets within the in-house permanent staff. IT staff augmentation is immensely in vogue due to an abundance of resources within IT.

Cost Effective Staff Augmentation Services

Diligent International offers cost effective staff augmentation services. We analyze the company needs and decide mutually over the nature of skill sets needed to accomplish a new project or an existing project. We shortlist staff from our database and seamlessly acquaint them with the company project team and goals.

We offer staff augmentation services over multiple verticals. For instance, if the company needs IT staff augmentation, we offer services or skill sets like systems analysis, web development, business analysis, mainframe programming, software engineering and development, network engineering and administration, project management, technical writing, technical support, database design, database development and database administration.

Benefits of Diligent Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation services offer multiple benefits.

First and foremost, it gives companies access to highly specialized skill sets. Diligent International offers employers’ exceptionally skilled staff, bringing full force of their expertise to the company. Staff augmentation services helps to reduce business expenses by reducing overhead costs spent in maintaining a full-time staff, decreasing training costs incurred in coaching new employees and offers flexible contract terms.

Since Diligent International offers trained and skilled staff, companies save time invested in direct hiring. Companies get to work with an unbiased and focused workforce, and work with a flexible workforce. Since we manage other hiring factors like payroll, termination, benefits, training and performance issues, the company doesn’t need to spend additional resources in administrative concerns.